Piotr Machura

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Question: What do coffee filters, constant magnets and the Internet have in common?
Answer: They all undergo type 2 percolation-like phase transition.

But only if you consider the Internet to be a Erdos-Renyi random network. Which doesn't really hold up (it's a preferential attachment thing). Don't trust everything you read on someones' random website.

Hi, my name is Piotr Machura, and I study computer physics at Warsaw University of Technology, currently writing my engineer's thesis on information diffusion in complex networks. In my free time I like to dissect works of fiction and over analyze every little detail, which is a horribly annoying habit to have if you like watching TV shows with, say, your girlfriend.

I also sometimes write stories. Don't get too excited though, they're pure garbage.


The things I write when I'm angry or excited. Some of them are related to my software projects, some are not. It's like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get.

Modal editing

22 Aug 2021 - Saving you a lot of precious time

Novel concepts in your story

28 Jun 2021 - Exposition? I don't think so.

This website

19 Jun 2021 - Yes, the one you're on right now

Favorite equation

18 May 2021 - Of course it's the divergence theorem

Personal server

18 Apr 2021 - Your very own platform, with Docker

Arch Linux setup

21 Feb 2021 - BTW I use arch. Did you know that I use arch?